Top 3 dating apps – Blendr, Bumble, Spotafriend.


As you become more mobile, finding friends can be challenging unless you use smart technology that brings you to where potential friends meet. This is why using a dating app is a popular option for other ways of dating. With dating app, you are sure to take your friends with you anywhere you go!

Dating apps are versatile and are bringing cool guys and gals together; we find the following top 3 for your consideration:

Blendr – Chat, Flirt & Meet

If you are in a new location and want to socialize with new friends, chat, and gist on what’s happening in the community, this is your chat-to-meet app! Once you sign up, you can connect with over 200 million users around the world. Badoo backs the Blendr app services, you can expect excellent and robust app activities.

blendr dating appYou can download and install the app free if you iOS 11 or later versions on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.


  • Connect with singles. Blendr gives you the freedom to browse nearby singles in their hundreds and connect with the one you most wanted;
  • Custom profile. The best way to attract suitable date is to have a unique profile, post multiple awesome photos, define your interest, tell the app what you want and see how the right person will be attracted to you;
  • Add favorites. As you browse different profiles, the app allows you to add favorite and improve your chances of getting connected;
  • See who added you. As you make other users your favorite, other users are adding you to their favorite list as well, and you will be able to see who added you;
  • Know who checked your profile. The app lets you know who checked your profile so you can connect with them.

Do you need to pay to use the app?

It’s free to download the app, install and use. If you want advanced features offered by the premium service, you will need to upgrade to paid service where you will have more features and flexibility.


  • 7 days premium service = $2.99;
  • 1 month premium service = $7.99;
  • 3 months premium service = $19.99.

Read the app’s terms and conditions for premium service.

Bumble – Meet New People

Bumble is 4.1 out of 5 rated app used by more than 40 million for iOS device users. The app helps users build valuable relationships; it empowers users to make more friends and connect more.  Bumble is different from the typical dating site where anything goes; this app is designed to enhance respectability and ensure people find reasonable people to connect with when using the app.

Bumble - Meet New People

The rule on bumble is encouraging women to make the first move thereby building a respectable community. The objective is to serve as a matchmaking service connecting suitable people for a long-term relationship.


Bumble has innovative features you will find so cool to work with; the purpose of the novel ideas is to make connection easier and fun for all parties involved.


  • Bumble BFF. This is targeted towards building good friends and helps users find friends fast when they are in the new city;
  • Bumble Bizz. This is for business people who want to network with like mind business fellows; you can find mentors, partners and network with people in your niche or build new career opportunities;
  • Bumble date. This let women make the first move; this is different from the tradition of having men move first.

Other regular dating features are included; you will find this app fun and highly resourceful to use. One area most women are finding Bumble quite interesting is Bumble Buzz which is helping startups connects with valuable resources to move their business forward.

Do you need to pay to use the app?

Yes, we think so! Bumble is available for free download and install, but if you want to tap into its advanced features, you have to upgrade to premium service.

Please note that Bumble has terms and condition of service you must meet if you want to continue to be accepted as a user.

Spotafriend – Meet Teens App

You just moved to a new location and didn’t even know anyone you can talk to and make friends with; you don’t have to worry because there are your old friends nearer than you think. Spotafriend is not for dating; it is to find friends to chat with and have fun. It is designed for young people between the age of 13 and 19 to meet; this is why it’s called teen app because it brings teen together!


  • Swipe pictures. Users can find new friends by swiping through users photos; swipe right to ask to be the other user’s friend, if the other user accepts, you are matched and can begin chatting;
  • Meet new friends. The apps bring users to your neighborhood and give you the opportunity to meet new people;
  • Free to join. To use Spotafriend is free, anyone can download, install and start using the app; no payment is required.


  • The app has over 1 million teenage users.
  • Free to download and use.
  • New update every month.
  • Responsive service; all users complaints are promptly reviewed and fixed.
  • It’s a great way to know more about your new environment.

Why do you need this app?

When you are in a new community, it doesn’t feel right being a stranger. With the app of this nature, you can quickly become known and have friends to chat with from time to time when you are bored. It is not a typical dating app so no need to go out or be at a specific place to meet physically, you can maintain online contact and everyone is safe!

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