AgeMatch Review (Best dating tips over 50+)


Why choose AgeMatch for mature dating?

AgeMatch is a well-known site for aged singles that works since 2001. Despite the age
limitations, there is over a million members worldwide and most of them remain active online.
It’s rather meant for local dating since 800K out of that million comes from the USA. Male users
prevail and, reportedly, hope to meet a somewhat younger woman online than themselves.
Surprisingly, there are plenty of 25 y.o. and even 18 y.o. women on the site seeking a senior
partner, and in this case, it’s nothing else than sugar dating. So it’s up to you whether you want
to be a sponsor.
Success stories mostly come from the same-age couples though. The classical features of the site
are also more convenient for aged personals who think conservatively. The site is typically high-
The price is considered average for dating sites, $29.95 and surely can be afforded only by those
seniors who aren’t financially stressed. It builds a certain social level and the atmosphere of
AgeMatch is also for creative and deep-thinking people since it allows to lead the blog and place
one’s little essays, share opinions. It helps to gather like-minded friends around a person and feel

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Real love stories from the users

“Helen became my last love and I was lucky to meet her on AgeMatch two years ago. We have
been very happy since. She moved to my house which is too big for myself and she enjoys
We are nearly of the same age since I wanted someone reliable. But my Helen is very beautiful,
first of all! My family loves her but honestly, we prefer to spend time alone, just the two of us.
Sometimes we travel, sometimes we do sports, and we also own a little business selling seeds
and flowers. It may sound boring to someone, but there could be nothing better for me and my

“I joined AgeMatch in search of adventures since I never felt my age. I had nothing in common
with my buddies or co-workers who seem to give up their manhood. I still wanted fun and
This is how I met Emma from Poland who moved to USA only recently. She’s younger than me,
but very wise and well-educated. We have visited so many places together and we never get tired
of each other.

We thank AgeMatch for our acquaintance and hope to encourage other people who aren’t ok
with staying lonely. It shouldn’t be like that. We are alive example of true happiness, so you’ll
find it too”.
“Our story with Alex is very touching, he was sending me virtual gifts on AgeMatch for months,
but I thought it wasn’t serious. I didn’t trust to online dating at all, especially at my age of 57.
But he eventually won my attention with his persistence, and I agreed to meet. Oh I haven’t been
to the restaurants for ages! I was so excited to start dating again. What to say, we are a happy
couple now.
My family is pretty surprised I decided to recall the youth again, but they blessed us. We are
together all the time and we are going to treasure that closeness. We know it’s very rare
“I think AgeMatch isn’t for everyone but for people who are determined to meet their love
online. My path there wasn’t smooth, some silly teenagers were on my way but I never
Eventually, I met Tina of my age and she appeared to be from my city. Moreover, she had the
same interests, likes, hobbies, and same approach in life. I felt we can do many good things
We are now working for charity projects and planning our own fund for homeless. I didn’t even
hope to meet a woman who totally understands me and shares my aspirations. Thank you

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Top secrets on dating a 50+ woman

Dating a mature woman or trying to pick up her can be a challenging process. Modern dating
gradually made them more selective as they already know their worth if they’re really good-
For sure, many of them are exotic, feminine, and naturally sensual. They already know how to
present themselves in the best manner, and they reached certain success and satisfaction in life.
It’s not only about material values for them anymore, it’s about a man’s attitude in general. If
he’s caring, protective, and supportive, he’ll most probably get the highest score for older
In each senior single’s life, many previous disasters took place so seeking a psychological shelter
and some reliable “stone wall” is already in their mentality. Especially in women’s since they’re
more fragile.
This is exactly the reason why they don’t mind to date a same-age or even older man. His inner
values and his commitment are more important than the age gap or physical looks. Your warmth
What’s even more surprising and profitable for you, they are ok with meeting for pleasure just
once or a few times. Why? Because that is one of the few possibilities for them to still enjoy life.
Moreover, they are sexually attracted to aged men. It turns them on. That’s another important
bonus for you if you’re a senior single as well. After all, in modern times, people know how to
stay youthful.AgeMatch dating

Some of mature women still look like pretty dolls but even if not, they attract with their obvious
experience. They’ll definitely catch your eye, with that confident glance and proud manner of
No one would deny that almost every mature woman has a heart of gold. They care about their
multiple relatives and elderly parents, aunts and uncles, children and maybe even a grandchild.
They can cook something delicious and nutritional using the simplest products. They also dream
about a new marriage full of love. And they never try to surpass a man: they cherish him and do
the best.
What more to expect from a perfect woman? However, they never stress a man being fixed on
the idea of marriage. They are so tired of their grey life and the hardship that a good entertaining
is essential.50+ singles
You’ll see their thankful reaction when you start making the first steps. It’s easy to make her
happy and she’ll gladly respond to that. You know, they are skilled in staying joyful no matter
Present your mature woman a new sexy dress and her smile will melt your heart. A short trip
together is a good idea too. It will be memorable for both of you. Water this flower and it will
And don’t worry about the length of your communication: even short moments of relief,
laughter, and tenderness are precious to her and to you. She realizes like never before how short
life is.
In general, there are big chances to fully enjoy your romantic adventure with a mature lady and
bring a long-expected happiness into your lives. Just don’t demonstrate too openly it’s only
In a relationship with a mature woman, mutual respect is the must. It’s a base of your mutual
pleasure too. Now you’re well-equipped with the knowledge and you can start walking on that
shiny road!

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