How to chat with a Russian girl and get intimate


For most of men, Russian women are such a classical example of femininity, and even the object of dreams. There are nationalities that literally worship Russian beauties, such as Indians.

Gorgeous and sexy Eastern European girls make wonderful wives to westerners and other foreigners, their modesty and family values are even contrasting a bit with their hot model looks.

How to chat online with a beautiful girl from Moscow

So how to chat online with a beautiful girl from Moscow once you find her? The very first thing you need to do, is to make sure the dating site is real, with good responses from other users, and it isn’t a bot.

If you follow modern dating blogs and read helpful articles from the experts, you’ll easily find the best Russian girl for you. Use your rare chance well then, and do everything to keep her beside.

chat with a Russian girl

Note that you should always avoid automatic ice-breakers. Hearts and winks are ok, but first messages should be purely personal. Imagine if a girl receives a hundred of Hello.. a day, will she notice you?

Russian nationality is intellectual

Even when you write to a Russian girl manually, make sure you don’t use such primitive formulas of politeness as How are you. Slavic and western cultures perceive this question differently.

Remember that a Russian nationality is intellectual. They believe a man’s curiosity is real, and often start to answer this question in depth, while you just want to greet her shortly and casually.

However, if you have patience to read in detail about her day and even comment that, you’ll become her favorite instantly. Russian girls really love good listeners and empathic people.

Stay positive

The next advice actually works with women of all nationalities: stay positive. Women in Russia, even rich ones went through many challenges in life, most of them faced a very unhappy childhood.

But it teaches them to be strong in any situation, and to keep from complaining. So they are immune to negative talks, but it’s better to avoid complaints, still, when it comes to next wives or jerky boss.

Do not hide your sexiness

Finally, do not hide your sexiness from Russian women, but show it in a charming and polite way. Do not be too straightforward and naughty like you would be with a western girl in your country.

chat with a Russian girl

Of course, not all Russian brides are very refined and some do accept such a behavior from a man, but those are either submissive personalities or gold diggers. All the others want courtesy.

Why should you be open with them sexually? Because beautiful girls in Russia are deficient of passion, their locals cannot provide it at all. All this field is available for you, and you can conquer many.

Experienced daters admit that Russian lovers seem to be more traditional, more affectionate, more thoughtful during chatting than women from other countries. They rarely chat just for fun.

It’s typical for them to ask many questions, show their care, fall in love online quickly. It isn’t a naïve behavior, but rather indicates their extraordinary profound nature. It makes them the best!

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