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The main advantages of Match

Match is a giant in a world of dating that remains successful for over 20 years. To imagine how huge and global it is, you should know there are nearly 100 000 LGBTQ+ members in the database although Match is known as a dating platform for straight singles.

This fact proves the high quality of its services and ability to efficiently serve billions of users worldwide. Interracial and international matching is also frequent there. For sure, such a well-organized system works only thanks to correct mechanisms that are set up and followed diligently without failures.

Verifying all profiles is one of these mechanisms. It is made both automatically and manually but in any case, very thoroughly. Even if one of side effects of that is the low speed of registering and users have to wait several days, the result is a reliable database without fake accounts. Isn’t it rare nowadays?

Matching algorithm is another well-adjusted mechanism that brings success to Let’s make it clear, many dating platforms only pretend they match people, but in fact, they don’t.

Some of them suggest each so-called match by several superficial parameters such as age and country, while local hookup sites and apps have no problem with matching by completely wrong geolocation. That’s probably why Match is so much appreciated.match search

But plus to the matching system, it provides its members with the most detailed search filter in the market. One can search by such rarely suggested requirements as the presence of kids or the willing to have them, hobbies, interests, and so on. Although other platforms do not include these parameters into their search system, they seem quite important.

Unlike some other platforms coming from the same owner, Match isn’t free. The price can be called average, not low, and messaging isn’t available without payment. But if despite of that, the platform managed to save such an enormous quantity of satisfied members, it means only one thing: the quality of services is worthy of the price.

The team of Match is so confident about its qualitative database and efficiency that it announces a remarkable offer: second six months for free in case if the user will not find an appropriate match within the first six months.

Since this statement isn’t about a soul mate, users accept this offer very rarely: 99 percents of them are finding someone compatible to go out with, much earlier than after first six or even three months.

Therefore, this offer can be called a kind of healthy self-advertisement: fair and not too arrogant. It wasn’t composed to waste the money of the company, but rather to show its worth and high esteem.


Extra convenience appreciated by the users

A global popularity and endlessly growing quantity of members cannot be fed simply by the basic features, no matter how well they are performed.

Match provides its users also with extra comforting options. Particularly, it’s ability to import personal data, not only the photos from FB, and to pass informative personality tests. People over 25 y.o. usually love passing tests and quizzes especially if they help them to find a match.

The chatroom is also convenient and easy to use. Even the most famous dating platforms do not always provide such a convenience.

Match also offers the Top Spot feature helping the users to highlight their profile for extra payment. Many dating sites and apps are doing the same, so it’s not a very new feature. The question is whether these platforms can really provide a strong flow of perspective matches who would make us feel this extra payment wasn’t made in vain.registration match

Match definitely provides such a promising and active database so this option makes sense there. The same comes to a various, well-developed system of ice-breakers.

Finally, the phone version of Match is swipe-based like many other modern dating platforms. Although this kind of interaction online is criticized by many for making people even more superficial and consuming than they were, it isn’t always fair. In case of Match, this option is very convenient.

And here is why. How else would you surf through the millions of profiles the majority of which are attractive enough? You would need to spend the eternity on this platform. Swiping left and right makes this process much more organized and quick.

Also, swiping can be very annoying when the profile photos just represent the cars of the users, their headless torso or big sunglasses instead of the eyes. But main photos are pre-moderated on Match, and all users are informed that only high-quality personal photos should be uploaded.

Therefore, it really helps that you are surfing through the real people faces and qualitative selfies. Members of Match often admit this process is very smooth and pleasant.


Hookups or lasting relationships?

While Tinder is the acknowledged king of hook-ups, Match is for all kinds of relationships. Let’s analyze what is more typical for it.

You’ll agree that hookup seekers of any age have no need in personality tests and profound search parameters. Of course, it’s optional and non obligatory so people might just ignore it.

Quick swiping is very typical for hookup search, also it’s a favourite occupation of teens. However, very busy people prefer it too. They have no time to read very long and informative profiles, even if they are interested in serious relationships.

Another factor is anonymity which is nearly absent on Match. There are sites and apps that are specialized in hook-ups, consequently, they create all necessary conditions for the user’s anonymity: blurred profile photos, the minimum of information on the page, special 1-minute or 1-hour chats that are erased after.

There are no such options on Match. All profile photos are clearly seen, and the users are constantly reminded to upload their real qualitative pictures. Chats aren’t limited in time and have no signs of anonymity.

By statistics, people over 25 prevail on Match, which makes it a more serious-minded platform. Hundreds of responses show that people are looking for either casual relationships or marriage-focused dating, but those casual relationships are more prolonged than plain one-night-stands.

With the help of this platform, people find a travel partner, a dining partner, a partner for a weekend, as well as stable boyfriends and girlfriends. Sugar dating isn’t welcomed here though as there are special sites for this purpose.

Match App Review

It is interesting that users rarely ask for material support on Match. Scammers are almost absent there. It’s really a phenomenon in the world of dating where at least 50 percents of participants simply want some extra profit.

It can be explained by the price of Premium membership which isn’t very low. It is known that scammers severely prevail on free and cheap platforms, as well as those ones where women can join for free.

Another reason is that Match is simply cool. It cannot be called exactly trendy or fancy, but it is among the coolest sites and apps attractive both for young and older people. Scammers aren’t fond of cool places and rather prefer classically looking or low-quality dating platforms.

Finally, the most important reason of your financial safety on Match is a diligent work of its team. They weed out suspicious profiles both by their own initiative and by the users’ reports, both on the stage of signing up and later on.

This kind of moderation takes place 24/7 and is accompanied by other customer support services. As a result, you are getting a safe and positive atmosphere along with all possible opportunities to find your perfect match online.

As dating experts, we find it marvellous that services completely respond to its title and keep on helping billions of singles worldwide to improve their personal life, without setting any limits connected with age, race, nationality, level of income, or social status.

The quality of their services do not get worse with time and the features are regularly updated, so it remains as effective as 20+ years ago even with a rapidly growing database.


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