Top 5 senior dating apps in 2019 (BrilicApp, OurTime, FirstMet)


Brilic: Serious senior dating

It is impossible to foresee where you will meet your destiny. For many people, the question remains relevant – where better to meet? On the Internet, a great variety of Dating sites and new offers appear every day.brilic dating app

“The pros of Dating”

A big plus is the ease of acquaintance, because you need to have only a computer connected to the Internet. And for busy people and time to spend is not necessary in search of new friends. The Internet is full of a huge number of offers to get acquainted. And for those who want to find a friend on another continent – such an opportunity – just a godsend! With the years we harder to meet – not every man is comfortable to approach any woman at the bus stop or in the bus: what would she think about me? Not every woman will “build eyes” stranger. And if the person has limited options – online chat – fantastic! On the Brilic: Serious senior dating you can do many things:

  • sincerely communicate with the interlocutor on any topic,
  • fill your leisure time,
  • learn a lot of interesting and valuable.
  • communicate simultaneously with several people in parallel
  • do not worry about their appearance.
  • You can also meet some celebrity: an artist, a scientist, a musician, an athlete or other public figure.

Senior People Meet

Another effective way is to fight for leadership. Dating apps provide the opportunity to post a photo with a brief comment on the place of the leader of the site or city.

The time that the photo will last on the positions of the leader is determined by the number of bets placed on it. The more attractive the photo, the more guests it will attract to the profile page.

Senior People Meet

To make the questionnaire popular can also help rolling photos in a special gallery of faces or a slide show. Many sites provide users with VIP status, which will help to attract visitors and give additional bonuses.

Cheap, but laborious

Active viewing of profiles, correspondence with users of interest, commenting on other people’s photos, communication in blogs and forums has not been canceled. This will help the user to become popular not at the expense of a beautiful face or a large purse, but at the expense of his mind, erudition, natural inner charm.

Mature Dating Network

My dear inhabitant of Metropolitan areas, you will agree — we have the pleasure to live in a very hectic and tumultuous times. People do many strange things:

Mature Dating Network

  • rush past each other,
  • immersed in endless worries and cares,
  • often mutual distrust turns into a mass of missed opportunities,
  • show the manifestation of elementary kindness to a passer-by makes us wonder… is it worth saying that the characteristic feature of our life is loneliness.


Often it is caused by fatigue, when in search of good and desirable people just do not remain mental strength (and physical enough only to after work to get home and lay down to the monitor/with a book on the sofa). Often-the lack of basic time to go on a search-where we are certainly waiting for luck… but waiting to no avail – we can not carve out an hour to visit her.

In conditions, so close to the very sad, there are several outputs, of which the most productive, in my humble opinion, are Dating sites. In order to substantiate this theory, I have conducted selfless research, the purpose of which was the desire to know — is it possible to find a kindred spirit people using such services? Looking ahead, accurately and boldly declare – Yes, perhaps! Patience, luck and human attitude to the letters on the screen can do a lot.

Combat conditions. Part practical

For a start I would like to note: do not assume that such sites — it is an ugly hangout, the cradle of debauchery and all sorts of unworthy nightmares. Not at all. I never tire of repeating that such resources are just a tool, and how to dispose of them — everyone decides for himself. Of course, finding a friend or life partner is not as easy as a simple physical connection, but absolutely real.

So, we successfully registered, indicated our name or a moderately intriguing nickname, and then it began…

For each new site immediately after registration falls a huge number of messages, and it does not let you get bored and throw the site disappointed. So let me give you, ladies, some friendly advice. At first, each new interlocutor will seem to you unique, special and intriguing — and you will try to answer each message as best as possible, charming, witty. But if the Case will offer you to stay on the site for some time, that is, the probability of the reverse reaction — head (sorry, questionnaires) will fly from Your hands with frightening speed, nice inside but scary outside applicants will be rejected at the stage of greetings and nice, but shy — at the moment thinking a long time about the answer You… So in order to avoid such extremes, remember that all Your interlocutors are exactly the same real live people that You meet every day. And they deserve an equal share of irony and leniency, regardless of whether you are the first day on the site or have serious experience in such Internet communication.

First steps

I see you’ve taken up the details of the questionnaire. Very you understand. She spent a lot of time puzzling over questions like “What mistakes do you think highly of?” or “what would you like to see yourself as?”. Well, I can say for sure – if you decide to answer them, then do not be lazy and do not be afraid to Express yourself in your own words, do not copy texts from outside sources, be yourself! Agree, do you need a person who likes someone else’s words, and not personally yours? Of course, the same applies to the placement of other people’s photos, and their own, but processed by graphic editors. Believe in yourself, then no Photoshop will not replace your natural charm.

Check out who watched our profile … So, so … yeah, that’s interesting, take it! And then let me give you another tip: if you decide to write the first message, then do not be lazy to call the interlocutor at least by name, otherwise from the faceless “Hello” he may have the feeling that he became a member of the mass mailing. You probably remember-every person is pleased when he hears his name from the mouth of the interlocutor (even if it is just a silly nickname).


OurTime – Meet 50+ Singles

People are known to meet all sorts, so learn not to respond to provocations. If a person you do not like actively — do not try to reason with him, and it is better to immediately send to the “black list”, so that he does not calloused your eyes.OurTime - Meet 50+ Singles

But on the other hand, pay attention to the identity of the person, maybe there will be some routes that bypass the questionnaire will be very enjoyable for you personally?

For example, one of the most fascinating of my interlocutors was a middle-aged man who is on the site solely for the purpose of finding a partner for BDSM games. From this point of view, I did not suit him at all, but he was the owner of the literary Russian language, a wonderful sense of humor and considerable erudition, so we spent a lot of time in fascinating communication, not focusing on his hobby.

By the way, from time to time on Dating sites I offer and do unexpected things — to establish a technique to fix small household problems, assemble furniture… I previously was saving these messages as a funny and useless, but looking at the unopened coffee table, standing still in the hallway and think — could this be fate?

FirstMet Dating: Meet People

Trust in the Internet is growing every year. Not so long ago, the network was treated as something distant and outlandish. And today-it’s virtual money, banking, contracts, purchases,” remote ” work, distance learning and more. We live in a time when virtual reality is no longer secondary to real life. Buy tickets virtual, and go real! Many things to do has become much easier.FirstMet Dating Meet People

Network communication is one of the possibilities of the Internet, which becomes crucial for someone. It is difficult to find a suitable partner both in real life and in virtual life. Numerous Dating sites are designed to facilitate people their difficult task.

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