WetHunt Review (price, pros cons, user’s comments)




WetHuntby Mirelia Services Co. is a young hookup site launched in 2019. It is still gathering its member base, but great results are already there and users are sharing their positive experience online.

The site offers choosing the right match by swiping like Tinder. Not only straight singles, but also LGBTQ folks can find a casual partner on WH. Private photos exchange is encouraged.

WetHunt is one of many partner sites so users can join the database either directly or while entering other platforms. Perfect for online flirting, virtual sex, meeting webcam girls and real women.


The website is positioned as free, so there’s no subscription payment, monthly membership payment, or credits purchase. One can encounter intense ads while using the site though.

The mobile app doesn’t exist so far which can change with the flow of time. The owners admit, when the app is created it will be low-priced and affordable, so it’s profitable for WetHunt fans.russian women

Privacy of hookups online

Comparing to other casual sex sites, WetHuntdoesn’t provide many of the safety options. Dating experts consider it moderately secure or below, although its effectiveness is pretty high, still.

  • Profile photos. Some hookup site users don’t want to make their photos seen in public. WH doesn’t hide profile pictures from non-users, so make sure they aren’t too revealing.
  • Nude photos exchange. On WetHunt, users exchange frank private photos at their own risk, as these images aren’t automatically reviewed or blocked if found inappropriate.
  • Personal data and contacts. There isn’t any pre-moderation, so please consider carefully which info you choose to share with the strangers, and certainly do not send any money.
  • Panic button. It’s only natural most of hookup sites have this button in case you need to escape from your wife’s or colleagues’ attention. But WH doesn’t have it so watch out.
  • Scam alert. At least, there aren’t many scammers or vague accounts on this site. One can communicate freely being sure he isn’t being tricked. Most of users want casual sex too.russian sexy women

Account deleting

Such a simple action as account deleting, is super easy on WH. One doesn’t need to contact the support team for days trying to remove his profile, it’s done in two simple ways so choose one of them.

You can either deactivate your account so other users will stop seeing it instantly. It is possible to activate it back at any moment. Or, delete it for good then you’ll need creating a new one in future.

Account deleting is free of any charge. One can be sure his personal messages or private photos he sent to other users, won’t be stored or misused by the administrators of WH, as well as the third part.

Geography of hookups

Since WetHunt is still a new platform and its database isn’t huge, local hookups are only possible if you’re from a very popular area such as NY, Los Angeles, Miami, and similar ones.

At the same time, international hookups are practiced depending on the girl one found, not on the area he wants to visit. For example, if you met a girl from Kherson, Ukraine, then you go there to meet her.

Dating experts admit, this situation will certainly be improved with time, when the number of female members increase. Which can happen already in 2020, so keep in touch with this great platform.

There’s no geolocation feature though, only search filters by a certain country. So if you’re really keen on Russian girls, or Korean girls, just set up this filter and contact all the beauties that are there.

Another advantage, the user’s account cannot be deleted, banned, or suspended by the team of WH. There are no such rules one can break, so consequently, he won’t be punished manually nor automatically.russian girls

Success rate

Other users give WetHunt 4 stars out of 5 when it comes to real meetings. It means, some percent of girls only do online flirting, or live in too distanced areas for visiting them.

Yet, the majority of all those sexy young women are enthusiastic to meet and show it in every way. It’s easy to organize the meeting with them and discuss all details in advance in the chat.

“I met Diana from Kiev, Ukraine on WetHunt quite spontaneously”, Peter tells. “I now see that we were meant to spend that marvelous time together, although it looked just like a virtual affair.

Diana looked like a supermodel although she was a modest school teacher. Well, not so modest in a bed, since we found each other on the hookup site. One of the best lovers in my life, I must say.russian free dating

I was coming back again to her beautiful city later but other girls weren’t any close to her sexiness. I must really thank WH for such a qualitative hookup material and unforgettable moments”.

“Tinara and I, we met in Seoul thanks to the previous acquaintance on WetHunt. There aren’t many Asian girls for now, so I was lucky to find several ones and eventually choose sexy Ti.

She is still a student so she honestly hoped I will be her sugar daddy, so she got a bit upset I was only interested in vacationing together. I supported her nonetheless, and she rewarded me with great sex.

I am happy the sites like WetHunt exist and make it easier for single westerners to hookup locally and internationally. If I knew about it before, I wouldn’t feel that lonely after my divorce”.


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