Why girls are not the first to start communication


Why are girls so much slower than boys when it comes to establishing a connection? There seems to be some kind of instinct that girls just don’t do as well in these types of social interactions as boys. Is there something going on? Are they just naturally slower than boys?

Girls have been doing less communicating. They don’t communicate with their peers, their parents and even sometimes their teachers. You see that trend still continuing. It’s very unfortunate because it really shows you what a little girl lacks when it comes to communicating.

Some say it’s because they just don’t have the language. Others say they simply just do not want to mess things up. They are more concerned with being nice and how other people will look at them. If you were to talk to the average girl at school, she would probably give you the same answer as the average boy.

This does not seem to help the situation at all though. Girls are more reserved than boys, but in actuality that is what makes them so much more likely to develop a relationship. They are shy and just don’t feel comfortable doing that type of communication with each other.

Communication is important in any type of relationship

It’s almost impossible for a man to get a girl to express her feelings and emotions if she doesn’t know where she stands with him and how she feels about him. Men can’t give their feelings away either. They are always sure of themselves and usually quite a bit more confident when it comes to expressing themselves.

Girls are different. They don’t really feel comfortable giving their emotions with hookup out to another person until they know their partner really knows them. This is what makes them so much less likely to open up in the first place. The problem is that men just don’t do the same thing. They are often so insecure and so afraid that their partner will find out about their shortcomings that they hold back on letting anyone know what they are feeling.

It is also hard to open communication when a man isn’t ready for it. You see, most guys rush right into any form of communication with their girlfriend before she is ready, because they are afraid that it will make her feel rejected. or embarrassed.

When you are talking to a girl about opening up communication, make sure to let her know that she is the one in control and not you. and ask her what she needs from you.

Don’t be afraid to tell her what you want. If you really don’t know what she wants, then ask her what she wants and then try to give it to her. She’ll be glad to hear your idea of giving it to her.

Now you may be asking yourself why girls aren’t the first to start communication. This is an interesting question. It comes down to two different reasons.

One reason is because they don’t want to share with you what they feel. And know they need.

The other reason is because they think they don’t need it. You see they think that they can do without it and they are fine doing it. When you ask her what she wants and work on giving it to her, they’ll probably come to you with the idea that she already knows what she wants.

So the next time you are thinking about why girls aren’t the first to start communication, take a step back and ask them. See what they are trying to hide. Don’t listen to what they say, but rather listen to what they don’t want you to know.

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